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Opus LCR 500 v2.7

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Opus LRC500 Learning Remote Control
  • opus500lrc500
  • Opus LRC500 Learning Remote Control
  • For the ultimate in versatile control over your OPUS 500 Series Multi-Room Entertainment System, the LRC500 provides an intelligent or 'learning' remote control unit
  • Infra-red codes from the remote controls of CD players, DVD players, TV's, Hi-Fi's etc. can be learnt by the LRC500 providing a single remote control for all of your source equipment.
  • These codes can then be downloaded into the OPUS MCU500 cloning port via the LRC500 providing control via the OPUS system.
  • Up to 8 different sources can be remotely controlled via the touch-screen interface, including a tuner, DVD, CD, satellite, 2 AV devices and 2 configurable local sources.
  • Additionally a lighting bank is pre-programmed into the LRC500 to interface with a lighting control system such as Lutron
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